Asbestos Removal

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Buildings and Homes built before the mid 1990’s may contain asbestos! This includes hotels, schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities, apartment buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and houses.

Whether you need a full demolition, are renovating or require emergency (flood or fire) services, we look forward to working with you! Our services include but are not limited to the removal of:

  • asbestos containing textured ceilings,
  • asbestos drywall and drywall mud and tape compound,
  • vermiculite insulation in attics,
  • roofing shingles,
  • window putty
  • asbestos containing insulation tape (furnace, piping, ductwork),
  • concrete,
  • plumbing,
  • stucco, and
  • asbestos containing flooring such as linoleum & vinyl tiles.


It is important to avoid remodeling or demolition projects until a Hazardous Report confirms the absence of asbestos. If asbestos is found, please contact us immediately. Our Certified Technicians will safely and carefully remove the hazard and work with you until the process is complete. If testing confirms the presence of asbestos, proper abatement procedures should be followed. When maintenance or demolition work disturbs asbestos materials the safest way to repair or remove the threat is to hire a professional.

Abatement and Removal of Asbestos is a complex and highly regulated process. There are many steps to follow in order to do it properly. Our clients benefit from our ability to implement, manage and comply with the environmental and workplace safety regulations. 

Step 1. Please contact us immediately. We will answer your questions, find out more information about your property, and guide you through the process of what comes next.

Step 2. An authorized person will complete a Hazardous Materials Survey to test where asbestos is present. This step is required by many municipalities before any permits can be provided.

Step 3. A Hazardous Report and Risk Assessment will identify the materials containing asbestos. With this information the Asbestos can be safely and properly removed by our Technicians, and a Clearance Letter issued.



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